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All employees and associates of VITEZ SERTIFIKACIJA, share mutual values which mean:

  • Responsible and effective approach towards taken obligations
  • Performing SB activity with full respect of: auditor competence, principle of impartiality, provision of objectivity, prevention of conflict of interest, moral codes, standard requirements and regulations
  • Respect of clients requirements and interests
  • Constant development and improvement

Everyone in it’s work must take effort for our clients and other interested parties recognize VITEZ SERTIFIKACIJU as highly competent and effective organizaction which provide additional value in cooperation with it’s partners.

We are completely dedicated to satisfaying applicable requirements of standard’s, legislation’s, good practice, un-wrriten profesion law’s, principles of impartiality and confidence and to constant improvement of our own quality management system.

Our auditors are those who make possible acchiving our most important goal, satisfied client, with their knowledge, skills and constant improvement. With their dedicated work, openess, objectivity and highly competent qualities they help clients to find fields in which they can make progress.

Belgrade, 01.03.2018. General manager
mr Nikola Dokmanović,

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VITEZ SERTIFIKACIJA is certification body for certification of management systems.

Application for certification

Here you can download the application form for sertification (available only on serbian).